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Governance of peace, security, and conflict resolution, is a matter of education, information and communication. The education of our  societal values is a joint responsibility of each parent, teacher, religious or community leader.                                                                                           

                                                                      Alex P.M. Pasmans

Global Governance Foundation actions:  

The Global Governance Foundation facilitates collaboration with partners from across the Globe, as well invites policy-makers, practitioners, civil society and other actors to promote informed public debate on possible solutions to global societal challenges.

“Liberty does not exist in the absence of morality.” Edmund Burke

1. Support sustainable Tourism Development projects across Africa


GGF supports investment initiatives within Africa - introducing and supporting access for Investors to sustainable Tourism Development projects across Africa. Providing essential support with the feasibility and bankability of the Hotel & Resorts projects, linked with educational projects to support and secure continuity of the projects towards the future.


GGF is able to provide Senior Management for the day-to-day operations of Hotel & Resorts across Africa. 




4. Certification    Services


The English proficiency certificate for the  EU - employement is  essential for non English speaking  employees to comply with EU Labour safety regulations. This is one of the tools provided  by GGF to enhance access to the EU labour market. 







2. Enhancing acces to Finance for African Hotel & Resort Owners


The GGF, supports Hotel Owners in the improvement of their Business performance, through upgrade & expansion of their operations; 

- through potential Partnerships; 

- through acquisition; 

- preparing valuation reports on Hotel properties; 

- preparing Funding proposals; 

- introduction towards Investors & Tour Operators; 




5.Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in matters of tax litigation - Africa


The GGF,  promotes and supports development initiatives in the areas of  global wealth distribution and fair taxation principles. Therefore GGF Advisors are active in advisory International tax litigation  services providing to the point  solutions to both African Governments and leaders of Industry.



3. Consultancy Business & Feasibility  studies   -Advisory role in the setup of Special Economic Zones (SEZ)  Africa  


The GGF supports entrepreneurs and leaders of Industry  with the development of Business Plans added Research & Feasibility on Capital Investment Projects and  provides advisory consultancy services in the setup of Special Economic Zones in Africa. (reference Guinea-Bissau)


6.Support of business start ups and acquisitions.


 GGF,  promotes and supports development initiatives in the areas of: 

a. Business Start-ups; 

b. Acquisitions of existing projects; 

See more on our "Projects" page. 




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